IWYShelps companies of all sizes, wherever they trade, to protect and grow their business. The extensive range of credit management solutions offered by our partners in credit insurance is supported by powerful knowledge of financial strength of companies and market.
IWYS assists companies in defining the optimal solutions to insure its clients against losses arising from insolvencies of buyers in their domestic or export markets or from political risks. Through risk prevention services, IWYS helps companies to base their business development on solvent customers avoid non-payment risks. In the event of insolvency or protracted default i.e. late or non-payment losses on unpaid trade receivables covered by Credit Insurance policies are indemnified at a rate agreed between insurer and client secure.

Trade Receivables Finance

If your business is growing rapidly and cash is needed to support expansion plans, our receivables finance service can provide you with cash flow solutions that are more favorable than traditional banking products.
Trade receivables finance provides you the following benefits:

  • Immediate cash to exploit new avenues for growth or recovery
  • Financing facility grows with turnover, unlike an overdraft facility which is fixed
  • Improved balance sheet positioning
  • Service support that leaves you free to seize fresh trading opportunities
  • Flexible receivables finance options with access to other credit management solutions, such as credit insurance & credit control.
Factoring is the purchase by a factor of your receivables arising from deliveries of goods and services. You take advantage of the full risk-cover and debt-management services without immediate cash payment of invoices..
IWYS helps design its clients design specific financing programs, in accordance with their needs, organization and goals.
  • Full-service factoring covers up to 100% of debtor risk and provide the whole debtor management (sales ledger, dunning, collection etc) as well as financing.
  • Home Service solutions as provide financing and risk-cover facilities. The sales ledger including dunning is conducted by the client on behalf of the factor.
  • Silent factoring will result in financing your receivables with or without recourse. Collection, credit risk and book keeping remain under your entire responsibility.
    Factoring is a funding source and a balance sheet management tool.

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