IWYS provides you with tailor made solutions, in accordance with your organization, processes and objectives. Credit insurance is about more than pure bad debt protection.
Because your prospects and customers change every day, credit insurance provides credit intelligence on existing and potential customers, through the use of insurer’s on-line systems, information on changing market conditions and debt collection in both Domestic and overseas markets.


Working capital is the amount of capital required to carry on a business. Account receivables factoring gives your company the option to secure immediate and covenant free cash to cover regular expenses such as inventory, payroll, or utility expenses or face exceptional capital needs for closing, debt service, dividends….
IWYS’s IWYS’s partners are specialists in improving cash flow. Our range of solutions is designed to assist you in gaining access to a flexible source of funds that matches your businesses requirements. We can improve your cash flow in releasing funds tied up in unpaid invoices.

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  • Silent Factoring
  • Non Recourse Factoring
  • Export Factoring

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