Protect your trade receivables

Credit insurance is a straightforward, cost effective and flexible way to ensure you get paid for goods and services you supply. IWYS understands that different organizations will have different needs in managing credit risk. With credit insurance solutions designed for SME's, Large Companies and Global Businesses, IWYS offers a large span of credit protection solutions to suit all sizes of enterprise. Credit insurance is not just a basic commercial protection. We help you make it the layer for a cash culture to enhance profitability and fuel sustainable growth.

Optimize Working Capital Needs

IWYShelps you design tailor made structured finance programs to reduce working capital needs. Factoring part or all of your invoices not only provides you with immediate liquidity, it also takes the strain off your own receivables management and provides 100% security against bad debts. IWYS helps you elaborate specific programs, from “Full Services Solutions” (Financing – Collection and Credit Risk Protection fully undertaken by the Factor) to “Corporate Finance Solutions” (In house collection or Off Balance Sheet Silent Factoring), fully compliant with Financial Markets and International Accountancy Standards Boards regulations and alternatives to securitization and ABL.

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